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Carbon Fiber Laminating- aka- Skinning, is a great cost alternative to add Carbon Fiber elements to your vehicle. More and more Carbon Fiber is being used not only as a structural but a cosmetic element in todays high end cars. Creating a “one off ” part can be quite expensive to design, mold and produce in Carbon Fiber.  Automobile manufactures have developed most parts as injected molded plastic parts. The mounting structure for the plastic parts compared to the Carbon Fiber parts can not always be produced in the same manner. Here at Exotic Car Gear we have craftsman with years of experience applying a real Carbon Fiber veneer or skin to original components. Your original parts are prepared for the Carbon Fiber finishing then hand laid to insure a consistent weave to the profile of the part.  We then apply several layers of UV rated quality resin, contour and polish by hand to a gloss factory finish. This process insures a factory fit part with the beauty of Carbon Fiber. We offer a wide range of finishes and materials to fulfill your request. Simply fill out the attached form with a few pictures and dimensions and our staff will work with you one on one to achieve your goal.

The Benefits of a Custom Carbon Fiber Laminated Part:

* Create your own "one off" look.
* No mold fee or large production quantities required.
* Factory Fitment from the use of the core component.
* Carbon Fiber becomes a permanent part of the component...Will not Peel.
* Fast turn around time.

The Finest Details:

Quality and Consistency:

We offer the highest quality raw carbon is sourced from a leading supplier that provides material to the majority of the high-end automobile manufacturers. Our private process refinishes the component by adding a real layer of Carbon Fiber to the exterior. A high quality UV rated resin is applied in layers over the raw carbon. The resin layer is hand polished to show the true beauty of the Carbon.

Skinning carbon is a craft as well as an art where our craftsmen bring our the beauty of the Carbon Fiber and how it transforms a simple component into an accent piece in Carbon. We oversee the entire process from design to completion, insuring your order meets our quality standards, as well as yours. All items must meet our final quality standards prior to shipment to our clients.

Overview Of The Laminating (Skinning) Process:

1. The component is disassembled, removing all switches, attachments and trim down to the core part.
2. The surface is prepared for the proper adhesion and a bonding layer of resin is applied.
3. Raw Carbon Fiber is applied by our skilled craftsman to accent the profile of the core part while maintaining the consistent weave pattern to the material.
4. UV resin in applied over the Carbon Fiber to seal the component.
5. Additional layers of UV resin are applied and contoured to the Component.
6. Resin coatings are hand polished to a mirror finish.
7. Component is reassembled and quality inspected

Choice Of Weave Type: 

Colored Clear Coat And Colored Weave:

We offer our standard plates in the 2 most common weave Patterns.

*3k Plain Weave ( 1x1 ) as an OEM match for Ferrari, Porsche and Maserati.

*3k Twill weave ( 2x2 ) as an OEM match for Lamborghini, McLaren, Audi, Aston Martin, and More.

We offer the option of "colored" carbon fiber in 2 different ways.

1. Applying a colored or tinted clear coat to the carbon fiber component, which will provide the highest level of color to the component.

2. Integrating colored carbon fiber strands into the carbon fiber component.

Examples Of Parts We Skinned




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