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At Exotic Car Gear we have craftsman with years of experience applying to our production facilities for your needs. We can produce almost any part from a vehicle and turn it into a carbon masterpiece. We produce our custom Carbon Fiber with an Auto-Clave process to create the lightest and strongest part possible. All of our parts use metal molds to be constructed with the best quality. We can produce Carbon Fiber parts in any weave pattern or color you can think of. All of our parts go through rigorous strength and quality control tests. We have all the tools needed

Custom Carbon Fiber Production:

Weave Patterns:

* Low Minimum Order Quantities.
* Large Production Run Quantities.
* Single "one off " Custom Molds Available.
* No Hidden Mold, Material or Set-Up Fees.
* All Carbon Fiber is coated in a UV Protectant Clear Coat.

* 2 x 2 (Twill Weave) (Most Commonly Seen)
* 1 x 1 (Plain Weave) (Ferrari, Porsche on some occasions)
* Forged Carbon Fiber (3 Different Sizes)
* Many other weave patterns you can choose.

Custom Component Production & Packaging:

Quality and Consistency:

We also offer services in producing entire products, we had a customer come to use needing an entire intake kit for the new Track Hawk coming to market. We produced the intake tube in full Carbon Fiber per the request of the customer. We also sourced the intake filter, couplers, and V-Band Fittings for the intake kit. The kit was packaged by us individually with all the kits have the correct hardware for each set.

If your in the market for Custom Carbon Fiber Production we are the team to help you. With all of our amazing craftsman we can make any idea come to light. Almost any part can be made into a Carbon Fiber masterpiece with our help!




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