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At Exotic Car Gear we have craftsman with years of experience applying your brand to a Custom Carbon Fiber License plate frame. Our private process suspends your logo in the clear resin coated surface making it a permanent part of the Carbon Fiber finish. We  apply several layers of UV rated quality resin and polish by hand to a gloss factory finish. This process insures a prominent display of your brand while integrating the beauty of Carbon Fiber. We offer a wide range of materials to fulfill your request. Set yourself and your business apart with our Custom Carbon Fiber License Plate Frames. A Custom Carbon Fiber plate is a 100% return of cost for marketing. On the dealership level, a logo license plate frame is a great marketing tool. As a customer who is passionate about their car, the dealer plate typically is the first thing removed! Most customers do not want a stamped metal or printed plastic plate. We offer a simple start to finish process with no hidden cost. No hidden art, molding or set up fees.  We are a direct supplier which allows us to offer very low minimum order quantities. Simply fill out the attached form with a few pictures and dimensions and our staff will work directly with you to achieve your brand image.

The Finest Details:

We offer the highest quality state of the art images to display your brand. Raw carbon is sourced from a leading supplier that provides material to most of the high-end automobile manufacturers. Our private process suspends the image in the clear UV rated resin between the raw carbon and the resin, giving off a deep rich permanent and lasting image.

* Low Minimum Order Quantities.
* Single "one off " Custom Plates Available.
* No Hidden Art, Design, or Set-Up Fees.
* Designs are a Permanent Part of the Plate, ...Will not Peel.

Brand Image:

Would your client prefer a stamped or printed frame for a vehicle he has poured his heart and soul into to achieve? Or a custom Carbon Fiber frame that is fitting of a supercar, prominently displaying your brand.

Quality and Consistency:

We oversee the entire process from design proof to completion, insuring your order meets our quality standards. All items must meet our quality standards prior to shipment to our clients.

Metal Plate Frames:

We also offer stainless black metal plate frames as an option. Designs are screen printed onto the plate making them permanent, and will not peel or fade.




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